Container Scheme Operator

Warrick runs our container recycling program. Including managing the WHS compliance, compliance with the scheme rules and client interaction. 


Youth Mentor and Transport

Pau is the face of Multiskill and often the first point of call for our participants, Pau's friendly disposition is essential to creating a welcoming environment for our participants. 


Hospitality Mentor

Cheriece has a keen sense of community awareness and genuine concern for our participants. She has a passion for assisting those with a disability to engage socially.  


Business Support Officer

Katherine is a HR and recruiting expert, and gives our program participants an unfair advantage in their favour. She also ensures we utilise the charities employee capacity to the full. 


Programs Case Manager

Jaqui runs the RedDoor social enterprise and mentors young people in that environment. Jaqui is genuinely interested in the well being of the young people she works with. Jaqui is a McKinlay local and brings local knowledge to the table. 


Hospitality Support

Erin assists in RedDoor program supporting students and volunteers. Erin has a flair for presentation and assists in that important aspect of the hospitality program. 


Pen pusher........ and cupbearer to the community.

Paul consumes most of his days with the legalities, funding and various other mind-numbing tasks associated with the MultiSkill Centre including tasting all new dishes and coffee creations.....just to make sure. Paul is also the head of training and development and the current Chairman of the board.

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